Work Accomplishments/Special Projects

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City of Waupaca

Network Segregation: The City had a variety of items on the network ranging from devices at our Police Department which need to remain secure to a public access computer lab. These items were all on the same network.  Two VLAN’s were setup to totally separate the secure staff computer network from public access computers, Wi-Fi and personal devices.  Installed and configured a centrally controlled WiFi system. Wireless is available for both VLAN’s.

Cable Access Television Station Improvements:  Rebuilt the entire TV station infrastructure. All equipment and wiring was removed from the control room. A new, better functional equipment layout was designed with staff input, obsolete equipment removed, and wiring re-run in a neat manner.  Researched and selected a new switcher and studio cameras to replace equipment ranging from 10-20 years in age.  Moved from archiving programming onto DVD to a file server with redundancy and backups.

Established a monthly, in-studio, community events television program “What’s Happening Waupaca.” This program was designed to give a local personality to Win-TV, involve the community with the TV station and to enhance visibility.

Established Bi-Annual Electronics Recycling Program for Area Residents:  The City partnered with R3New based out of the fox valley as the vendor to handle electronics recycling. I worked to organize the initial event and this has continued on a bi-annual basis. The Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce later started a weekday drive focused at businesses. Both the Chamber and City events have been combined.

Setup free Wi-Fi System Downtown and in City Parks: Worked with Waupaca Online staff, several downtown businesses, residents and city departments to establish free wireless internet access downtown Waupaca and at South Park. This system provides outdoor internet for the many activities that take place in these areas and provide more flexibility for area residents to access the internet. Future expansion of this system is planned in 2015.

Creation of New City Government Website:  Working with two city staff work groups; city website team and transparency group; created a new city government website designed to provide more open access to city government and ease of use. This new website allows key city departments a vastly improved online presence and better connection to our area residents.

NRG Media

Sales Software:  Based on the program I created for Hometown Broadcasting I created a program for NRG Media’s Wausau/Stevens Point location to use to handle our master client list, sales contracts, production orders, promotion calendars and web advertising requests.  This online based system is paperless replacing e-mailing Excel paperwork while ensuring proper management approval before sales contracts, production orders and promotion requests are finalized.  This system also maintains an infinite history of past contracts and orders to allow new staff to see history of past orders.

Rebuilt entire Rhinelander, WI location IT Infrastructure:  After entering this location reimaged all computers to ensure a clean and consistent setup.  With guidance from the Corporate Director of IT added this location to the corporate VPN and installed a domain controller/file server.  Setup server backups with Backup Exec.  Installed and configured a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall replacing a Netgear router.  Installed all wiring, jacks and patch panel in new addition to the building, later cleaning up wiring and installing patch panels in the existing portion of the building.

Created Listener Club Software:  Using PHP & MySQL, created web based listener club software for NRG’s Nebraska radio stations to use.   This software consisted of a listener database that could be e-blasted, the opportunity for listeners to earn points through polls, contests, keywords and quizzes and the opportunity to spend points on auctions, trade-ins and drawings.  Program included an integrated music testing platform for music directors to test songs with database participants.

Hometown Broadcasting

Created an online based Sales Contract and Production Order system: This system allows for sales, production and traffic staff to work from any location while moving the sales and production process to a paperless process. This system allows for a list of clients to be maintained, an organized system to enter all sales contracts and production orders while maintaining an infinite history. This system has been in use for nearly eight years.

Assisted with radio station move: WAUH and WISS relocated to a different building. This included all studios, equipment and offices. Maintained network communication between both locations over a transition period to allow both stations to still co-operate as if they were in one location. Used the station move as a chance to rebuild the computer network and to reconfigure our automation system (Simian) for better performance and redundancy.

Changed WISS-AM station format to News/Talk: Per the direction of the owner of the station, the format was changed to News/Talk from a music format. Researched and selected all programming with some recommendations from the owner and sales manager. Worked with syndicators to secure programming, get contracts, set schedules and obtain satellite receivers. This was a challenge for a daytime only AM in a market with many news/talk stations that have already secured the “top tier” programs. Rebuilt the entire radio station including a new website, all new imaging, all new program and traffic logs. Working with initial guidance from the station engineer; programmed all triggers and satellite commands into Simian and the program logs.

Managed Traffic Software Change: Managed the process of switching our traffic and billing software from DeltaFlex to Natural Log. This included converting some data from our old system to our new system to limit the amount of data that would have to be manually re-entered. This change occurred during a switch of traffic staff personnel. I worked with both the outgoing employee and new employee to make this process as smooth as possible. Manually rebuilt all traffic log templates. Met the deadline of switching over to the new system.

90.3 WRST Oshkosh

Created an award winning web presence for WRST:  After accepting the webmaster position went from a basic Geocities hosted website to a newly designed website hosted by the University.  The WRST website received 1st Place Student Website award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association in 2006 and 2nd Place Student Website award in 2007.

Established WRST’s Webcasting Service:  When given the okay, setup a streaming server and started broadcasting all of WRST’s locally produced student programming on the web.  During hours when WRST carried Wisconsin Public Radio, established web-only programming, consisting of local artists and other blocks of music programming.  Working with WRST’s sports director started broadcasting sports on the WRST stream. This at times allowed us to broadcast a game on the FM and one on the stream or to put special sporting events only on the web to allow our FM signal to maintain regular programming.

Upgraded WRST’s studio computer system:  Went from just one production studio have an editing computer to adding a computer in our second production studio.  Added a computer-based spot playback system to replace our 360 systems spot bank in our control room.  Networked all studio computers together, separate from the campus network, to allow students to work on computer based production in either studio and to easily add new production to our computer based spot bank.

Involved in WRST’s studio remodel:  With guidance from the station engineer, assisted in setting up furniture and equipment in our new studios.

Awarded the WRST Outstanding Achievement Award: awarded to one or two students each year for their contributions and leadership at WRST.

WRST’s only two-term station manager:  In WRST’s history was one of three students to be elected by my peers into a second term as station manager, being the only one to successfully complete the second term.  The station manager position is the station’s top student leadership position; it is elected annually by all students who are active with the radio station.  Was the station manager during a period of transition for a radio studio remodel for ADA compliance.

While at WRST/UW-Oshkosh earned my SBE Certified Radio Operator Certification.