Wisconsin State Forests and Recreation Areas

Black River State Forest – Fall 2014

Brule River State Forest – No visit planned.

Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area – August 2017

I made a stop here while near the area and did some hiking.  A bit of a boring area!  Mainly fishing and hunting related activities are the main feature.  Day use only.

Capital Springs State Recreation Area – 2018?

Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area – Summer 2016

Stopped in here en-route on a trip for a short hike.  Pretty nice area.  A handful of trails wandering around a number of small lakes.

Fenley State Recreation Area – No visit planned.

Fisher Creek State Recreation Area – Fall 2015

Nice area on the shores of Lake Michigan just outside of Cleveland, WI.  Managed locally.  Features a scenic hiking trail.

Flambeau River State Forest – No Visit planned.

Governor Knowles State Forest – No visit planned.

Havenwoods State Forest

Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area – Summer 2016

Hilly area, lots of trails with various terrain.  Observation tower at the top of one of the hills.  Nice views.


Kettle Moraine State Forest – Lapham Peak Unit – Summer 2017

Possibly my favorite area in the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  It’s day use only (too bad, would be a great place to camp).  Great trail system, observation tower and some neat weather history.

Kettle Moraine State Forest – Loew Lake Unit – Summer 2017

Made a quick stop here.  Nothing more than some horse trails and the Ice Age trail along with a lake.  A minimally developed area.

Kettle Moraine State Forest – Mukwonago River Unit – Summer 2017

This area of the Kettle Moraine state forest is a more recent addition, it is the location of a former golf course.  The DNR has plans in the works for the future of this area.  Right now there are some paved/gravel roads to get around.  This area is for day use only, walk-in/bike-in only.  It is along the Mukwonago river.

Kettle Moraine State Forest – Northern Unit – Summer 2017

Camped at Mauthe Lake, make a visit to the Long Lake camping area via the Lake to Lake bike trail.  Had time to check out the Parnell Tower (wish I had time to hike the trails at that location).  Also had time to hike some trails at the New Fane Trail Area. While camping in this area also did some biking on the nearby Eisenbahn trail which runs from West Bend to Eden.

Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit – Summer 2017

Near Hartford, WI, this area offers camping, a beach, hiking and an observation tower.  A bit of a challenging trail system and the hardest to get tower observation tower, possibly in the entire WI State Parks system!

Kettle Moraine State Forest – Southern Unit – Summer 2017

As with many of the state forests it’s impossible to see all areas in a couple day visit.  So here are a few highlights.  I camped at the Ottawa Lake campground.  Nice facility.  The beach and day use area were very busy.  I also visited the Bald Bluff trail, a short hike to one of the tallest locations in Jefferson County.  The Scuppernong trail system is good for a long hike.  The Scuppernong Springs nature trail is across the street from the Ottawa Lake Campground; worth a visit!  The Stute Springs Nature Trail features the highest point in the Kettle Moraine and a bit of work to get there.  The view is worth it.

Scuppernong Springs nature trail

Ottawa Lake

At the top of the Stute Springs Nature Trail – highest point in the Kettle Moraine

Scuppernong Springs nature trail

Bald Bluff

Menominee River State Recreation Area – No visit planned at this time.

Northern Highland American Legion State Forest – Summer 2017

This is a pretty nice area.  A large, expansive state forest.  Somewhere around a dozen different campground.  The two “main” campgrounds are at Clear and Crystal Lakes.  Very bike friendly both inside and outside the forest.  Nice crisp nature.

Peshtigo River State Forest – Spring 2016

Made some brief in and outs of this forest while camping at Tommy Thompson state park.  The campground in this forest is pretty popular.  Lots of ATV’ing and water based activities in this area.

Point Beach State Forest

Have made two visits here.  Spectacular area on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Miles of hiking trails.  Features the Rawley Point bike trails which makes it’s way into Two Rivers, and through the use of roads you can connect up with a paved lake shore trail running to downtown Manitowoc.  This forest has a well maintained campground, nice facilities and miles of beach!

Richard Bong State Recreation Area – Spring 2017

Wasn’t sure what to think before visiting here but has a nice time camping in this state rec area.  Miles of trails, plenty of paved roads within for some biking.  If you cross the road into the northern area there are some old areas no longer in use to explore a bit.  Had a nice campsite.  The White River State Trail is nearby.  Biked from Bong to the trail into Burlington and back.  Trail was in great shape.

Sauk Prairie State Recreation Area – No visit planned at this time.