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WHDG – 97.5 Rhinelander

Rhinelander – 97.5 WHDG to 97.3

In order to make room for Midwest Communications to move 97.1 WTRW to Green Bay at 97.5, WHDG needed to move to 97.3 from 97.5.  At 9pm on July 19th, 2009, WHDG signs off 97.5 for the last time.

At approx 12:48am on Monday, July 20th, WHDG returned to the air on 97.3fm.  Audio below includes normal programming returning to the air (nothing fancy) and WHDG’s first legal ID on 97.3.

WHDG signs off 97.5 for the Final Time

WHDG returns to the air on 97.3fm

WYCO/WLRK/WBCV – 107.9FM Wausau

March 2004

In March 2004 WYCO was making a major move with their format.  Moving away from Hot AC/CHR they were headed toward a Rock Hits format.  All weekend long they stunted playing a wide variety of music, and Monday morning debuted “Rockit 107.9.”

WYCO Stunting


June 1, 2006

After the New Radio Group took over WLRK a name change and format tweak was in place to mark the take over.  At midnight on June 1st, the official transfer of control was made from Seehafer to NRG.  At noon on June 1st, “Big Cheese 107.9” debuted.

End of Rock-it 107.9 to Stunting

Big Cheese 107.9 Debuts

WJLW/WZNN – 106.7FM Green Bay

After running a mix of new and classic rock for several years Cumulus decided a change was in store for WJLW. 106.7 the Eagle ended with an hour of the Eagles. After a few days of stunting with construction sounds 106.7 the Zone Debuted.

WJLW Starts Stunting

106.7 the Zone Debuts

WYTE – 106.5FM Wausau

August 1, 2006

NRG decided they wanted their country station, WYTE located on a better signal. At midnight on August 1st, 2006, WYTE (Country) and WLJY (Soft AC) traded frequencies. WYTE now on 106.5 and WYTE on 96.7.

WYTE to 106.5 from 96.7

WYTE rebrands as Y106.5

WRCW – 105.5FM Wisconsin Rapids

March 6, 2008 3pm Hour

WUSP was sold to Don Seehafer. On March 5th the former Alternative format “Free the Music” was ended and the station sat with dead air for a little over 24 hours as equipment was moved and setup. On March 6th the new oldies format stated abruptly during the 3pm hour.

WRCW’s Oldies Format Starts

WPCK – 104.9FM Green Bay

November, 2003

After Cumulus bought WPCK/WPKR, they decided to split up the country simulcast.  104.9 started broadcasting from a new tower, and on a Friday evening, started stunting with a large variety of music.  On Monday, November, 10th?, 2003 at 10:49AM, Cumulus was to debut the new format.  What would it be? The format did not change as WPCK stayed with country, this was just the formal split of the two stations, as WPCK became “Kicks 104.9.”

WPCK Rebranding

WBJZ – 104.7FM Oshkosh

April 3, 2006 3pm

After dumping a jazz format for a second time WBJZ tries something new.  This time it is a CHR format with gold mixed in.  “Magic 104” took the airwaves in the fox valley at 3pm on April 3rd and uses some of the same jingles that 103.9 used when they were known as “Magic 104.”


March 15, 2009

In need of an hour of programming to fill some time before launching a local CHR format, 104.7 WBJZ played an hour of Spanish music to statisfy a few Radio Geeks on Red and Nater.  At 11pm the Spanish music started and at Midnight WBJZ offically dumps the Dial Global Hits Now format in favor of a locally programmed format.

WBJZ Flips to Spanish at 11pm

WBJZ back to English at Midnight

WAUH – 102.3FM Wautoma

October 6, 2003

WAUH was planning some music and personality changes to take place on October, 6th, 2003 at midnight.  Some rumors on our message board suggested they would pick up WBJZ’s old Jazz and Blues format, well the station decided to do that, for about 25 minutes at midnight.  Hear the transition from the old WAUH to Jazz to the revamped WAUH.

WAUH Stunt

WPKR – 99.5FM Oshkosh

August 2003

A rumor on our message board was a post of a memo saying that WPKR was going to flip to an all Garth Brooks format.  Well this rumor proved to be truth, and WPKR/WPCK indeed went to an all Garth Brooks format for the memorial day weekend.  At Friday, August, 29th, 2003 at 3PM “Garth 99.5 debuted.

Announcement of Garth 99.5

The stunt was in place for a few reasons, one showing Cumulus’s formal takeover of the stations, perhaps just a Memorial day weekend stunt, as it ended Tuesday Morning, and just some hype that “Garth” would be the 3-7PM host on the station.  At 3PM that Tuesday, The Zack and Garth show debuted on WPKR, only it was not Garth Brooks.

Zac and Garth Debut on WPKR

June 2005

Cumulus Media decided it was time to rebrand WPKR from being know just as “WPKR” to “99.5 the Wolf.”  A weekend of stunting with wolf themed songs and sports clips lead to this change.

WPKR Re-branding Stunt Weekend

WMQA – 95.9FM Rhinelander

August 29, 2008 at 10am

NRG’s AC format “Northern Lites 96 WMQA” came to an end in favor of Oldies from Jones on August 29th.  This change was made to have a better format fit in Northern Wisconsin with the older listener.  At 10am oldies started on the new “Oldies 95.9.”

WMQA goes from AC to Oldies